Tasting Art


Tasting Art is an initiative of the artist Andrés Mérida that presents an artistic exchange where two arts, cooking and painting, and two senses, taste and sight, merge. The first experience of the painter Andrés Mérida with Degustando el Arte, held in Mexico, was favourably received thanks to its interpretation when painting of the dishes created by chef Pablo San Román. Now, the artist wanted to bring this special action to his home town, Málaga.

And this time, not only will he interpret dishes and create paintings but also new chef of the Restaurant “El café de Bolsa”, Marcos Granados, will interpret Mérida’s paintings and cook what his colours, shapes and elements transmit.

The result: 4 dishes and 4 canvases made by 4 hands and related between them. The evening, that will have place on the 8th of February from 21h, will be an exclusive event-dinner where culinary and pictorial works will be presented and exhibited by artists Mérida and Granados.

Guests will have the possibility to taste exhibited dishes and savour, metaphorically speaking, each work of art. At the end of the dinner that will have the collaboration and wine pairing of Bodegas Málaga Virgen, a direct sale of Merida’s paintings will be held. This action will have a charity background as part of the funds collected from the sale of dinner tickets and paintings will go to Vicente Ferrer Foundation. As it will be a special occasion, the event will count with the valuable presence of Anne Ferrer. The wife of the organization founder, who visits Málaga for the first time, will be the special guest.


Tasting Art